TitanBet Bonus Code

TitanBet Has Met The Challenge

TitanBet has worked very hard to go from a startup online sports book not long ago to become one of the internet’s premiere sports betting sites. The competition in this market is fierce, and full of many very successful and long standing sites who have earned the confidence of the millions of players who have been with them over the years.

So why would Titan even want to get involved in such a big challenge as this? Well those not that familiar with the Titan philosophy may have wondered this, as it takes a lot of money and a lot of know how and dedication to succeed in the sports book business, and many companies have fallen well short of the mark over the years.

However, as is so often the case, the cream does rise to the top, and the biggest sports books out there all started somewhere. Titan has never been intimidated by a challenge before, and already had the experience of going from a brand new company and taking their new poker site from a complete unknown to becoming among the world’s biggest and most loved in a surprisingly short period of time.

Titan’s Generosity Is A Big Component In Their Success

Titan’s philosophy, which has always played a key role in their success, is based upon not just looking to come up with a money making formula, providing excellent service and reaping the rewards of that themselves, they also want to make sure they are sharing this all with their players in a very generous way.

The attitude of their competitors has generally been to keep the amount of money that you end up giving back to players to a minimum. Ideally, if you didn’t have to give them anything, well that would be ideal, but the fact that others are doing it means that you have to do so as well to keep pace and stay competitive. This is all perfectly fine as it’s the way most companies do business.

So this might be fine for companies aspiring to be good, but Titan isn’t satisfied with that, they want to work harder to be great. So this involves a broader vision than just looking at the bottom line at any given point in time, and also invokes the principal that you have to spend money to make money.

So if they set out not just to keep up with their competitors but to outdo them, and outdo them significantly, then this will initially cost them but in the end it will grow their business to the point where they are doing a lot more volume and end up making even greater profits than if they had approached all of this more conservatively.

Without Laurels To Rest On, We Are The Real Winners

The sports betting business in particular tends to be pretty conservative as far as spending money on bonuses and promotions go. You’re lucky if they throw you a bone at all to try them out, and then after that, if they have any other promotions at all, they are pretty minimal.

The poker industry tends to be much more aggressive, as poker players change rooms quite frequently, and you have to be on the ball a lot more to not only attract their business, but to keep it.

Sports bettors, on the other hand, tend to stay with a sports book a lot longer, and really don’t shop around anywhere near as much as poker players do. So this has led to the bigger sports books taking their customers’ business pretty much for granted, which leads to very little loot being thrown around.

Whatever goodies the other sites do offer, they tend to be focused pretty much on elite players, and while big bettors do provide them with a larger amount of profit per player to be sure, Titan doesn’t want to just reward players more, they also want to reward players generously regardless of whether they are a big player or a small one.

So we’re the real winners here in this battle to see who can capture the most sports betting business, and the way we cash in on these extra winnings is to move over to the sports betting site that is willing to work harder and pay more for our business, and that company is TitanBet.

TitanBet Bonus Code

While TitanBet has a very nice array of ongoing bonuses and promotions that are sure to impress you and keep you wanting to play there, I want to first talk about their welcome bonus, since that’s the most important one to focus on prior to joining them.

You need to try out a site first before you can decide if you like it, and although I’m sure you will, based upon not only my own experiences with them but on the experiences of many others as well, I will leave that up to you, although I will discuss their other promotions on another page dedicated to them.

So here’s what the welcome bonus at TitanBet consists of. Just for joining them and trying them out, they will give you up to a $/€/£50 free bet. The best thing about this deal is that it is geared toward bettors of all sizes.

The way it works is that you initially place a total of 5 bets of odds of 2.0 or higher, and then they total up the amount of the 5 bets and that’s the size of the free bet you’ve earned, up to 50 of the currency you are using, whether that be USD, Euro, or GBP.

So even if you are a very small bettor, and the amount comes to less than 50, you still get a nice free bet, relative to basically 5 times the bet size you’ve been making. Also, as you can see, it doesn’t take that big of a bet size at all to collect the whole pot of loot, as we’re only talking placing bets of 10. However, if you can’t go that big, not to worry, as you’ll still get paid for trying them out.

Nicest of all, you get this just for doing what you’d be doing anyway, which is betting on sports. You could even lose all 5 of these bets and then it’s like you didn’t lose any of them, as you’d essentially be given your money back with the free bet. Chances are though you won’t lose them all and will come out of this deal very nicely indeed on the upside.

You may be asking though, what if I don’t want to throw this whole 50 or whatever you end up making off this bonus on one single game? Well not to worry, TitanBet has you covered, and you can split up this free bet money however you like. So in the case of losing all 5 bets of 10, you could just do the whole thing over again and make another 5 bets of 10, or whatever you want. This really is like getting free money from TitanBet for just betting a little with them.

To take advantage of this deal, be sure to enter in our special bonus code of “pbc2000“, which will make sure that you get taken care of with this.

Why Not Cash In On This Great Deal Right Now?

What better way to let TitanBet introduce themselves to you than letting them give you some free bets? In reality, the way this is set up, all 5 of your first bets with them end up being free ones, as you get the total of them back up to the maximum amount.

If someone walked up to you and asked you if you want some free bets on the sporting events of your choice, what would you say? Well you would say yes of course, and that’s exactly what you should be saying to TitanBet here.

There really isn’t any reason to wait to do this. I know you can come up with a little deposit money to cash in on this deal, so why not do it? Just click on the link I’ve set up for you here and you’re on your way to the free bets.