TitanBet Promotions

TitanBet Has An Array Of Nice Promotions

Sports betting sites generally don’t feel the need to offer their players many perks at all to keep them happy and betting with them. Sports betting is so much fun that most bettors just find a good one and stick with it. Some players will bet at a site for years in fact and never give a second thought to betting anywhere else.

Titan comes from lines of business that are far more competitive as far as the lengths that sites have to go to in order to be competitive. The online poker business in particular is one where players demand not only nice welcome bonuses, but plenty of promotions as well to keep them wanting to play there.

Titan then moved on to the casino business where promotions play an even bigger role, and if you don’t keep players lavished in bonuses, they will often just move on to somewhere else which does more for them. There really isn’t that much to separate online casinos in fact, as everyone offers pretty much the same games, and while levels of service can differ between them, an online casino’s success is much more driven by promotions than the sports betting business ever was.

So Titan has had to learn what it takes to be successful in these other online gambling fields, and they haven’t just learned well, they learned well enough to be a dominant player in these fields. So they’ve taken everything that they have learned and now have applied it to the sports betting field, which has resulted in not only a nice welcome bonus to entice bettors to give them a try, but also a nice assortment of ongoing promotions to keep them wanting to stay.

Titan’s Free Bets To Welcome You

Titan wants you to experience everything they have to offer you for yourself, and what better way to do this than to get you started with free bets? All you need to do to collect this is to place a total of 5 bets, with odds of 2.0 or greater, and then Titan will give you the total of these 5 bets in free bets, up to a total of €/£/$50.

So this is exactly like getting your first 5 bets with them for free. It’s also just like getting a free 50 bucks, pounds, or Euro, depending on the currency you are betting with. To get the most out of this deal, choose British Pounds as your currency, although if you want to play in dollars or Euro that is fine as well. All of the bonuses at Titan work this way, so if you do decide to go with pounds, you’ll make more on all of them, and as you will see, this is far from the only free bet you will get from TitanBet.

This promotion alone should give you more than enough of a reason to try out TitanBet, as if you are currently betting elsewhere right now this is definitely a better deal than just placing your bets and getting nothing extra, as is the case now. If you’re new to sports betting, what better way to be introduced to all of the fun and excitement it offers than to get your bets for free?

More Ways To Earn Free Bets, Every Week

If a sports betting site offers you a bonus at all, and some do not, then that’s usually the end of the goodies from them. At TitanBet, things are way different, and they keep you collecting the free bets the whole time you are betting with them. They don’t just want you taking the free money and running, so they just keep the free money flowing, which is perfect for us.

Multi bets in sports betting is a very exciting way to look to leverage your sports knowledge into some very nice payouts. This is a popular form of betting and the prospects of much bigger payouts than regular bets provide definitely does add to the excitement considerably.

By placing 5 multi bets with TitanBets in a week, of total odds of 2.0 or more, of at least €/£/$10, TitanBet will give you a free bet of €/£/$10. You can earn this free bet every week, and why not? It is very easy to do and the free bet is just a bonus over and above all the fun you will have placing these bets.

TitanBet also offers the additional benefit of being able to bet on live events. Some other sports betting sites offer live betting, but Titan knows how much players enjoy this, and therefore offer an extended selection of games you can place bets on during games.

To be honest, a lot of sports betting sites are lazy, and live betting requires more work on their part, so they tend to stay away from it from the most part. Titan is committed to the satisfaction of their players though, and if they want live in game betting, which they clearly do, then live in game betting they shall have.

So with their Live and Kicking promotion, all you need to do is place 5 bets on live action of at least €/£/$10 with odds of 1.8 or greater, and TitanBet will reward you with a free €/£/$10 bet. Once again, you can take advantage of this each and every week, so it’s a gift from TitanBet that never stops giving.

Some Other Ongoing Promotions At TitanBet

When you lose a bet on sports, sadly you lose your money. Well, at least most of the time. TitanBet offers you a second chance with bets on the score and the first and last goal scorer. If you get this right, you are in for a very nice payout indeed. If you don’t, TitanBet will give you a second chance at this, for free. So you get a free bet just for betting, what a concept!

If you like to play slots as well as bet on sports, and we all enjoy slots, then just by betting €/£/$100 on selected slot games, Titan will give you a free €/£/$10 bet at TitanBet. Even if you don’t like slots, this is a deal worth taking advantage of, as the standard payout for slots is high enough that this makes this a profitable situation for you regardless.

So while you are cashing in on this deal, you will have to put a little money in Titan’s casino, and Titan is all about rewarding you, so they are going to reward you for this as well, by doubling your first deposit in the casino, up to €/£/$25 in free cash. This makes the slots promotion even nicer.

Titan also offers you some extra free bets with their American Dream promotion. Place 10 bets of €/£/$20 or more on American sports, and they give you a free €/£/$10 bet. Once again, this isn’t a one time deal, you can cash in on this free bet every week as well.

Where Else Can You Get Treated So Well?

These are just some of the nice promotions that Titan offers us, and there are more in fact, but just looking at these, it’s easy to see why Titan is so different from other sports betting sites. It’s not just about promotions and rewards though of course, but when you put this together with everything else Titan offers us, it becomes a no brainer to at least give them a try.

There are a lot of sports bettors who used to bet elsewhere but have come over to Titan, which has allowed them to go from a start up site not long ago to one of the most successful sports betting sites in the world. Find out for yourself why by clicking on our link to them and seeing what sports betting should be like.