TitanBet Full Review

TitanBet Has Skyrocketed To Become An Elite Sports Betting Site

TitanBet is one of the newer players on the scene, but don’t let that lead you to believe that they are newcomers and still learning how to do it right. Titan has been in the online gaming business for quite a number of years now, with their phenomenally successful Titan Poker, which stormed the online poker world a few years ago and quickly vaulted to the top.

Even before that, the people who run Titan were successful players in the online gaming business, with not only a lot of experience but a proven formula for success, which is based upon placing their players first and taking care of them very well. This philosophy is the main reason why Titan Poker shot up the charts so fast and became one of the world’s biggest poker rooms in no time, and they are doing the same thing with TitanBet.

The online sports betting world is very competitive, and it’s very hard for new sites to make much of a splash, as it’s dominated by a few very large players who have an established player base that seems pretty content to stay where they are unless you give them a very good reason to switch.

The problem is, most sports betting sites are pretty much alike, and bettors simply get used to betting at one place and don’t really switch sites that often. So that became the main challenge to TitanBet, and all the other new sites that try to make a name for themselves in this business. There are countless sports betting sites that simply languish in obscurity or even fall by the wayside in their attempt to do this.

So TitanBet realized that they had their work cut out for them here, but still felt confident that their player centric approach would have them standing out enough and would catch on enough for them to realize their goals. This is exactly what has happened, and now TitanBet is one of the fastest growing sports betting sites of all time, and have gone from a start up operation to now become a major player in the online sports betting business.

They aren’t content just to stop there though, and they are firmly committed to making their sports betting site stand out even more from the pack as time goes on. They already have done a fantastic job here though and all sports bettors should strongly consider at least giving them a try and comparing them to where they bet now, where they will be pleasantly surprised at what they discover.

Titan Poker’s Bonuses And Promotions

One of the things that really separates TitanBet from its competitors is the lengths that they go to in order to provide their players with the best bonuses and promotions out there. Sports betting sites need to reinvest their profits when they roll out these things to their players, and as a general rule they have been pretty reluctant to do so.

This isn’t to say that other sports betting sites don’t have bonuses and promotions but to be honest they tend to be pretty cheap about all of this, and feel that they don’t need to do much here because their players tend to stay anyway.

So in spite of TitanBet taking players from them, players who want to be rewarded better for their loyalty to a sports betting site, they still remain pretty complacent. That’s fine, as there is one sports betting site out there that doesn’t take our business for granted too much, and that’s one of the biggest reasons why I’ve been so high on TitanBets all of this time.

TitanBet starts all of its new bettors off with up to $/€/£50 in free bets, which you receive in the currency you deposit in. Sharp bettors who want to make the most out of this promotion will want to deposit in British Pounds, and you don’t have to live in the U.K. to do this by the way. Doing this will also get you more for your money with several other promotions that TitanBet offers.

The fun and free money doesn’t stop here though. TitanBet offers an ongoing array of other nice ways to get free bets and other goodies, designed to ensure that they not only earn our business, but also keep it. While their promotions due change over time due to wanting to provide their bettors with a good amount of variety, you can always be assured that at all times there is a very nice amount of ways to earn extra free money.

Free bets are nice no matter the size of your bankroll, but they are an even bigger deal for players with more modest sized bankrolls, as they can really pump up your edge here. Sites with great odds like TitanBet operate on very small margins, and these free bets can really make a difference. So given the choice between getting quite a bit of this, week after week in fact, as TitanBet offers us, or getting hardly any or even none at all at other sports betting sites, this should not be a difficult choice to make at all.

The TitanBet Difference

Bonuses and promotions are exactly that, bonuses, and as nice as they are, they are only as valuable as the site offering it. I would never want to bet at a poor or less than stellar sports betting site even if they gave me some free bets. Maybe I’d grab the free bets but once I discovered that the site itself wasn’t much to hoot about I’d be gone and head somewhere else where things were run better.

I can assure you that from both my own experience and from the many players that I have referred there that TitanBet is none of this sort, and they are clearly an exceptionally well run sports betting site, where they pay close attention to every detail to ensure that our experience with them is as good as they can make it. This is exactly the recipe for success that they have applied to their other online gaming endeavors and they have long since proven themselves to be exemplary here.

As a serious sports bettor, the first thing I look at when I assess the desirability of a sports betting site is the odds they offer. There is nothing more important than this, and it is something that newer sports bettors don’t appreciate enough. The differences in odds between sports betting sites may appear to be slight, and they do tend to be slight when it comes down to a single bet, but when you multiply this slight difference over thousands or more bets the difference can be a pretty big one indeed.

So any place I bet at is going to have to have excellent odds or I wouldn’t ever consider them, let alone recommend them to you, and the odds at Titan are of this very desirable kind. The advantage great odds give you is in fact worth a lot more than any free bets a site gives you, although TitanBets lavishes you with both benefits.

Betting At TitanBets

One look at TitanBet’s sports betting home page and it immediately becomes obvious why this sports betting site is different and why they stand out from the pack so much. It is very well organized and bettors can conveniently locate the sports and matches that they are interested in.

There’s a lot of information right on the first view with links to an extensive list of sports to choose from. Anything you want to bet on, you can find it, with all the odds at a glance. TitanBet even provides us with an extensive array of statistics to allow us to make more informed betting decisions. All you do is click on the statistics icon beside the match you want to find out about it and a screen pops up with all sorts of useful information.

Placing bets is made easy for you as well. Everything about this site and the way it is all laid out for us is clearly very well thought out. The people running this operation sure go out of their way to make things easy and informative for us.

What I like the most about betting at TitanBets is their focus on live betting. Running a lot of live betting requires a lot more work by sports betting sites and they generally don’t bother with a whole lot of this. You’re lucky in fact to find the biggest matches offered with live betting, and even when you do, you may have to wait an extended time to be able to place a bet.

TitanBets goes all out for us in this department as well. They know how much many of us enjoy live betting so they roll out a lot more of it for us. If you’ve never tried live betting, you do not know what you are missing, but if you bet elsewhere you will miss out on most of the fun as this is rarely offered. TitanBet allows you to take advantage of the added benefits to us of live betting any time we want.

TitanBet Customer Service And Banking Options

Titan is famous for its outstanding customer service in its other operations, and their award winning service also extends to their sports betting operation as well. Friendly and helpful agents are at your beck and call 24 hours a day through multiple channels, including live chat, which is the most convenient.

There are no annoying long wait times as they are staffed well and will handle all of your questions and concerns very professionally and efficiently. You can also reach them by phone if you prefer, or by email if your matter is not pressing.

The best thing about TitanBet’s customer service is that they are so rarely needed, as things are set up so well and explained to you so well that there is little need for additional help. However when you need it, they are there for you.

Moving money in and out of TitanBet is also made very easy for you, with 40 different options to choose from to deposit, and many different withdrawal methods, many more in fact than you typically see. It can be a pain at some places to cash in your winnings as they often will have a very few withdrawal methods, none of which may be convenient to you. This is not the case at all here.

Both deposits and withdrawals are free at TitanBets. Most sports betting sites charge you for withdrawals, which to me is a slap in the face, it’s my money and I made it and I want to keep it. I guess it’s fair in a way as it does cost the sites a little money in processing fees but TitanBet takes care of this for you, as they do with everything else.


What impresses me the most about TitanBet isn’t any one thing, it’s the sum of all of the things that they offer. There isn’t one thing about this site that I don’t like in fact. I invite you all to experience everything they have to offer for yourself though.

While you are doing so, they will hook you up with some nice free bets, and since you are planning on making some bets on sports anyway, doesn’t it make sense to get some free bets out of the deal rather than not?

So just click on our link to TitanBet and you will be off to what is in my opinion the best sports betting site on Earth.